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Hi, We're Fresha.

At Fresha, we know you want to feed your family the best food available. In order to do that, you need access to fresh, local produce. The problem is most carrots are shipped from farms thousands of miles away. This leaves you feeling uncertain about the quality of your produce. We believe you should have access to locally grown carrots, so you feel confident in your food choices.

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Our carrots are fresh, locally grown, and naturally sweet.

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Cooking with Carrots

Bring some Fresha recipe ideas into the kitchen.

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Fresh from our field, to your family.

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Carrots are just carrots, right? Not when they're Fresha! The long summer days and cool, crisp nights on our family farm creates the ideal growing conditions for the perfect premium carrot. Sweet with a satisfying crunch, Fresha carrots are harvested at peak tenderness to elevate any meal — whether you're craving a sweet snack or putting dinner on the table for your family, expect more from your carrots. Choose Fresha!

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What's the Word

In a rush to gather supplies at the Hornbacher's in West Moorhead, MN last Thursday, I came across your carrots... bought 2 bags... very pleased! Hope all Hornbacher's stores will offer them.

Wow! I just prepared your carrots for the first time ever. They are crisp, clean, fresh and sweet..thank you for such a good product.

I purchased some of your carrots and they were Wonderful! I don't want to buy any other brand of carrots.

Just discovered your carrots. They are excellent! From NE Minnesota.

We Care About Carrots!
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