At Fresha, we're committed to innovation that not only delights your taste buds but also nurtures our planet. Our sustainable practices, including a water recirculation system and strategic growing in water-rich regions, contribute to a smaller carbon footprint and fewer food miles. We're pioneering fresh produce that's not just delicious, but environmentally conscious.

Step 1:

Carrot Seeds Planted

Step 2:

Carrots Nurtured with Water and Sunshine

Step 3:

Carrots Begin to Sprout

Step 4:

Full Grown Carrots are Ready to Pull

Step 5:

Fields are Ready for Harvesting

Step 6:

Harvested Carrots are Washed

Step 7:

Carrots are Graded and Sorted Before Being Packaged

Step 8:

Packaged Carrots Leave the Fresha Facility on Trucks to be Delivered to You