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About Fresha

At Fresha, we understand your desire to provide your family with the best food possible. In order to do that, you need access to fresh, local produce. The challenge is that most carrots are transported from farms located thousands of miles away, leaving you uncertain about the quality of your produce. We believe you should have access to locally grown carrots, so you feel confident in your food choices.

As farmers ourselves, we get it. Since 2019, we supply local grocery stores with fresh carrots from our family farms in Morris, Minnesota. Due to our cool nights, long summer days, and rich soil, we have the ideal growing conditions for sweeter, better-tasting carrots.

Here's how to enjoy our farm fresh carrots:

  1. Visit the produce section of your local grocery store

  2. Look for the Fresha logo and grab a few bags of carrots to enjoy with your family

  3. If you don't see our products, ask the produce manager to carry Fresha produce

Visit your local grocery store today and look for the Fresha logo so you can enjoy the sweetest carrots you’ve ever tasted.

Our Purpose

Ensure a better future for generations through best-in-class agricultural practices.

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Our Vision

Be the partner of choice for communities looking to access fresh and flavorful carrots.

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Our Mission

Grow high quality, farm fresh, and nutritional carrots at an affordable price.

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Where We Grow

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Headquartered in rural Morris, Minnesota, Fresha has its roots firmly planted in the rich agricultural soil of the Midwest. Nestled amidst a community with a strong agricultural heritage, our journey began with a simple realization: the ideal conditions for cultivating sweeter, more flavorful carrots lay right in our backyard.

As we spread our reach, Fresha's commitment to providing locally and regionally grown produce remains the focal point of our growth. While most fresh market carrots trek from the Southwestern United States, the addition of our Sparks, GA location strategically aligned with our Minnesota season, positioning us well to support the eastern half of the US. By reducing freight costs and transportation time, we ensure that our carrots not only retain their freshness but also support local economies.

Confronting the challenge of Midwest cultivation head-on, Fresha’s strategically located farms, enable us to deliver high-quality, fresh carrots nearly year-round. Our approach sets us apart in the market, emphasizing our dedication to providing superior produce while honoring our roots in agriculture.

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